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Configuring Online Restrictions

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 03:00PM EDT
Technical Level:  Easy

The following are settings that need to be configured regarding online scheduling.  While each of the settings have a corresponding setting in Team Admin, it is far easier to configure the setting in the new settings page.

where 'xxx' is the unique ID number for the clinic.

Advanced Settings > Patient-Facing Settings - Online > Online Sign-In Page - Available > Online Scheduling Restrictions > 

• Restrict Based On 

          •  Projected Visit Time (recommended)
          •  Sign-Up Time

If based on sign-up time, visits may be scheduled after closing as long as the patient registered before closing.  Choosing projected visit time restricts the visit so that it is expected the patient will be called back before closing (or before the closing block if closing blocks are used).

Default - Projected Visit Time

• Scheduling Window 

The maximum number of hours from 'now' that a patient can schedule a visit using ClockwiseMD.

Default - 20 hours

• After Opening

The minimum number of minutes after the clinic opens that the patient can schedule online.  This prevents online patients from taking all the opening times and having walk-in patients who may be waiting at the door at opening from experiencing a prolonged wait.

Default - 30 minutes
• Before Closing

The minimum number of minutes before the clinic closes that the patient can schedule online.  This prevents online patients from taking all the remaining times near closing and having walk-in patients who come in just before closing require that the clinic remain open after normal hours in order to see them.

Default - 30 minutes

•  From Now

The minimum number of minutes from 'now' the patient can schedule a visit online.  This prevents the patient from scheduling an appointment which he/she could not realistically hope to make.  This situation could be compounded if the clinic has a short late definition and has auto-removal turned on.

Default - 20 minutes

• Block Online Slots

The number of slots on either side of an online visit which are reserved for walk-in patients.  This prevents online patients from 'booking solid' a block of time causing walk-in patients extended waits.

Example:  if a clinic's velocity is configured to 4.0, they can see four patients per hour.  With the block online slots option set to '1', scheduling an online appointment at 11:00 AM would mean that the 11:15 slot would NOT be offered online, offering the 11:30 AM appointment instead.  This ensures that a walk-in patient entering the clinic at 10:46 would not have to wait longer than 30 minutes for a callback.  However, if walk-in patients took both the 11:15 and the 11:30 appointments, the next online appointment becomes 11:45 and the clock resets to preserve the 12:00 PM appointment for a walk-in visit.

Setting the blocks to '2' would ensure two slots on either side of the online appointment were reserved for walk-in patients.

Default - 1

Should you have any comments or questions, be sure and use the links in the right side bar to contact ClockwiseMD Support.

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