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Configuring the Wait Room Display's Callback Delay

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2016 01:40PM EDT
Technical Level:  Easy

Normally, the patient name is removed from the wait room display immediately upon the nurse clicking the callback button.  However, if the distance between back office and wait room is great, the patient may see his/her name disappear from the list before the nurse can reach him/her, causing concern that his/her name has been prematurely removed from the list.

The clinic can configure a delay so that the name is left on the screen for a few minutes, giving the nurse time to reach the patient before the name is removed.  The default value is '0' minutes, but can be configured to the clinic's wish.  Care should be given not to delay removal by too long a period lest the board become cluttered with too many names for whom the patients have already left the room.

Here is a sample of what the wait room display would look like just before a delayed callback:

1   Mickey M
2   Donald D
3   Elmer F
4   Bugs B
5   Wiley C

And here is what the board would look like immediately after the first patient is called back:

    Mickey M
1   Donald D
2   Elmer F
3   Bugs B

4   Wiley C

Note that the ordinal numbers have shifted down by one row so that Donald D is now 'first'.  Again, if the delay is configured for too long a time, the board risks being filled with patient names with no ordinal numbers preceding them.

Here are the locations where the values can be configured, in order of ease:

In the traditional settings page:

Alerts and Displays > •  Callback Delay

**  be sure and click the Update Display button to preserve your changes

In Team Admin:

•  delayed callback limit

**  be sure and scroll down to the bottom of the Hospitals page and click the Save button to preserve your changes

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